video production

The digital landscape is evolving all the time; with information being published and consumed faster than ever before. Film content can bolster campaigns unlike anything else, by using visual flair to bring stories to life.

Our video production department will take the story you want to tell and develop ideas that make them soar. We can guide you through this process, from that first scrap of storyboarding paper to your film’s final delivery date.

4media group has a wealth of experience working on projects for some of the UK’s biggest brands. Our team knows which types of videos will work best for different campaigns and platforms. Their expertise can guide and assist you from the start to distribution, making sure it reaches its potential.

Types of Video

Brand Video

Our team knows exactly how to tell compelling brand stories with a truly global reach. The only rule of thumb is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to branded content. A bespoke approach is key.

Very similar to an advertisement, branded video is all about boosting brand recognition. While many viewers may skip conventional adverts, by producing branded content, you can keep them engaged with your content. This approach ensures the viewers are provided with valuable content while still promoting your brand.

Our branded video content ranges from long-term, multi-platform engagement campaigns to one-off PR stunts and short films.


Animation is an impactful communication device because of its ability to break down complex information in a way that is easy to understand.

Our illustrators, designers and animators specialise in taking raw information and weaving it into eye-catching visuals for our clients.

Animation also allows businesses to weave their brand identity into a video more than the traditional methods, by utilising colour schemes and style, making it instantly recognisable and boosting brand awareness.

Editorial Video

News stories offer opportunities for brands to insert themselves into the public discussion, and video is a great way of achieving that. If you are hoping to get your research as a brand into the news, the chances are that video will be a key asset in ensuring that journalists give the story a chance. These can include the following:

  • Human case studies involving real people, showing the tangible effects of a particular story or piece of research
  • Information-led pieces that break down a segment of news-worthy research in an easy-to-understand way

We have the ability to bring our highly skilled videographers to you and put together the best cut of the footage via the services of our expert production team.

Live Streaming

This process facilitates the live broadcast of footage from any place in the world to the eyes and hearts of audiences everywhere. Depending on budgetary requirements and the location of live-link, this can include the following:

  • live link to the internet for streaming on websites (usually streaming via 4G back-pack. This approach is lightweight, compact and cost-effective)
  • live link to broadcast networks across the world (usually via sat-truck connecting to satellites. This includes a large van and crew, but can transmit reliably without an internet requirement)

Social Media Video Content

Here at 4media group, we understand that social media content should never be an afterthought. Social media is where people go to unwind and get personal again. Your brand needs to approach its story in a specific tone and style to be effective in this regard. We can provide the following:

  • Cut-down versions of re-purposed campaign content to be included on social-media, including social edits and GIF’s made from larger master versions of videos
  • Bespoke social content creation shot in bulk to maximise (often comparatively smaller) social spends

Event Filming

Any event that will have an audience, be it an award ceremony, a product unveiling, or a corporate announcement, will likely find a great audience for the corresponding video. No matter what type of event you are producing, our video production team can slot into that plan at any stage during your planning. This will ensure that we can capture the most memorable moments on the schedule. These include:

  • Corporate events and trade shows
  • Experiential marketing events
  • Dinners & banquets
  • Stunts in the public sphere

Case Studies