Remote Satellite Media Tour: LiveU or SAT Truck?

4media group’s 4 ways to open up options on the set of an SMT


“Live from…”

A remote satellite media tour often delivers visually stunning set shots and, many times, a better booking list. Being “on location” gives producers an option for adding an aesthetic layer to the show or newscast they’re stacking for the morning.

REMOTE SATELLITE MEDIA TOUR On LocationHowever, if you’ve ever executed a remote SMT for a client, you know budgets can be a bit bigger than if the tour were in a studio. Additional costs can include permits, longer cable runs, tents, and the satellite truck itself with additional crew members.

Many times, the additional budget is absolutely worth the results of remote satellite media tours.

Beyond budget, there’s usually another big consideration leading up the remote SMT: weather.

What happens if there’s a thunderstorm with lightning? What’s the backup plan? Can we easily park the SAT truck and run cable in the hotel conference room or home office? How much more will all of that cost?

Don’t let these factors scare you away from a remote set – especially since there is a legitimate option beyond a satellite truck. Worth noting, we’re not advocating you abandon the satellite truck; they are used hundreds of times a year flawlessly. Just know there’s an alternative that addresses all the concerns about weather and changing plans.

4media group is now executing the majority of our remote satellite media tours with a mobile setup that includes a LiveU, which has quickly become the standard in the TV industry.

In a nutshell, the LiveU unit (about the size of a modem) allows audiences to connect with the story via high-quality live video, transmitted from anywhere in the world, through the use of patented bonding and video transport technology.

Here are four benefits of using a mobile setup with LiveU:

  • Endless location options: If there’s a cell signal or high-speed internet available, then you can use this setup for a tour. Our team has executed remote SMTs from global HQs, historic Civil Rights locations, trade shows, and more.
  • Easy backup plans: If weather threatens the outdoor tour, the mobile setup can easily move to an indoor location. It’s even possible to have the mobile unit setup on one side of a smaller hotel conference room and the set shot on the other side of the room. And there’s no need to run cables from outside the building. Everything can be self-contained in one room if need be.
  • Live streaming: In addition to TV interviews, you can use the mobile setup to live stream to Facebook, Twitter, or any other chosen platform. At 4media group, we encourage clients to take advantage of the digital options available during an SMT production day, to help their tour live on well beyond its airings.remote-satellite-media-tour-live Streaming
  • Fewer logistics to handle: A good SMT company will handle all the logistics needed for your tour. With a mobile setup, there’s very rarely a need for permits, generators, or other items typically required for a remote SMT.

When thinking about incorporating a satellite media tour into your PR plan, always consider a remote location. The set can stand out and the bookings are often better. And now you know you have options to execute the tour almost anywhere with 4media group.

If you have a question about a remote SMT, please contact us! We’re happy to help.

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