4 Controlled Media Tactics for Communicating During a Crisis

Navigating communication in the Coronavirus era can be tricky. Even with social distancing and shutdowns many of you still have a story to tell, a brand to promote. But, with most earned media being dedicated to this pandemic, as it should be, how can the rest of you/us reach the masses who in addition to needing hard news, also need a wide array of information?

Below we outline 4 controlled media tactics that can be implemented while being responsible to maintain social distancing while delivering quality results that can be turned around relatively quickly.


A Guaranteed Media Tactic (GMT) secures broadcast TV and online coverage with video assets across national, regional and local media outlets. Paid placements are : 60-second informational packages scripted with brand messaging. Brought to life with b-roll and graphics, the client has editorial control over all of the content, and best of all can be done without a spokesperson.


An Audio News Release is a 60-second scripted radio spot, containing a controlled message delivered via an announcer with one or two soundbites from a spokesperson (all which can be done remotely). ANR’s can localize a national story or nationalize a local and you’ll find ANRs can maximize brand exposure and garner real results. With many people listening to the radio to stay abreast of breaking news, now is a great time to have your message heard by the masses. ANRs are now available within podcast content.

MAT Release

A mat release is an engagingly written news article, designed to appear like a piece of feature writing in the form of sponsored content. The release contains persuasive communication aimed toward a particular product or feature. The mat release is a strong tactic for brands or agencies wanting to make the news, and control their messaging at the same time. You can also do video MAT Release where you can utilize existing video that is put into a package with announcer voice over to tell your story.

Native Media

Native media relates to any form of online, digital content that appears to viewers as part of that existing platform. Whether it’s amplifying a carefully crafted article to its desired audience through native media tactics to the creation of promotable social media content, we can identify the demographics and interests of a brand’s target audience, to ensure their content reaches the right people, at the right time.

Bonus Tactic – RMT

Radio Media Tours (RMTs) remain an effective public relations tactic to reach target audiences with great conversations and key messages. There are minimal logistical constraints (only need landline phone) and allow a quick turnaround for quality impressions.