Radio Media Tour (RMT)

Why Do a Radio Media Tour (RMT)?

A Radio Media Tour (RMT) remains an effective public relations tactic to reach target audiences with great conversations and key messages. Minimal logistical constraints (only need a conference line and phone) allow a quick turnaround for quality impressions.

Need a Spanish RMT? We can help with that too!

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What to Expect with a Radio Media Tour:

Each RMT option includes an Audio News Release reaching either 7 million or 10.8 million in audience. 4media Group always starts pitching syndicated (national and regional) radio shows and the top 30 MSAs or target markets. Closer to tour date, the media team might ask to open markets to maximize the tour time.

Pricing tiers based on number of interviews:

  • 11 & Under: In less than 5 business days, 4media Group creates an alert, books the interviews, produces the tour and begins reporting.
  • 12-17: This RMT option typically takes less than 2 weeks to book with quality interviews while racking up over 13 million in audience.
  • 18-22+: Ideal for spreading out over two or three days to maximize the number of potential bookings. Also great for splitting between multiple talents to share spokesperson responsibilities.
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