4 Ways Satellite Media Tours Can Drive Web Traffic

When it comes time to report your successes to a client following almost any media activation, they’re likely to look towards web traffic as an indicator of success – and that makes absolute sense.

Nielsen data reveals that certain sectors experience great increases in web traffic after effective media activations, where 63 percent of people shopping the travel sector and 60 percent of people shopping the electronics sector head online to learn more about a product.

As web traffic continues to prove such a valuable KPI, some clients express concern about moving consumers from classic activations, like Satellite Media Tours, to online converts.

But at 4media group, we understand the immense value of getting online, and we’ve been engaging with contacts for years to ensure our clients are represented not just on-air, but online too.

Check out 4media’s four ways a Satellite Media Tour can drive web traffic:

1. The On-Air Website Mention

This one may seem simple, or even obvious, but it can go a long way. Ensuring your product website is mentioned in the Satellite Media Tour can cause interested consumers to head straight online to learn more. Make sure and give them an easy way to do that.

2. Work with Contacts to Post a Link

When you have a good list of contacts at stations across the country, leverage that to be sure your Satellite Media Tour can live on their websites. When 4media group performs an SMT, we always work with our contacts across the country to ensure our broadcast appearances are posted to the station website. Often, if a relationship is good, stations will even include a nondescript link to a product website – which can drive tons of traffic from interested readers. The way we see it, it’s always worth the ask!

3. Amplify Great Hits Following Your Tour

One of the huge benefits of a Satellite Media Tour is that talent and producers have more than one shot at it. As tours progress, talent typically gets more comfortable, and the interviews improve throughout the day. Talk to your SMT producer about earmarking great hits for amplification on owned media. If there’s an interview you’re particularly proud of, put it on social, put a modest budget behind it with a link back to your site, and watch the traffic roll in. Consumers tend to love the organic, newsy feel of a well-done SMT. When coupled with amplification, options for increased traffic go up exponentially.

4. Work with Tour Talent to Leverage Their Social Media Presence

If you have a particularly good talent on a tour, like a celebrity, athlete, or online influencer, it’s good to consider contracting them for social posts following the tour. Even though consumers are typically aware when they’re being ‘influenced’ online, seeing a post from someone whose content they enjoy will typically result in a host of additional website visits. Use great tour talent to post a couple of links to your site on their own social channels, and the results will speak for themselves.


In the internet age, you should do everything you can for a client to help their web traffic increase, even in traditional media activations like SMT’s. At 4media group, we have years of experience turning Satellite Media Tours into activations with staying power.

Want to learn more, or talk about doing a tour of your own? Just reach out – we’re always happy to help.

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