PR and Communications Options During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Worry and uncertainty abound as the Coronavirus dominates the news cycle. Events and conferences seem to be canceling left and right.  Many of our clients are debating whether or not to continue with their brand’s announcements, marketing, and PR initiatives. There’s no easy answer. Certainly, the media will continue to provide the latest updates on the virus, but in our discussions with journalists and producers, they have also expressed a need for stories that can provide helpful information on a multitude of topics.

Our media relations team has been in constant contact with the media throughout this crisis. We are happy to answer any questions about how the Coronavirus pandemic may affect your campaign and provide honest advice on, if, or how to deliver your message. If earned media won’t work for your campaign at this time, there are many ways to convey your message directly to the public.

Below are several ideas that may help you and your team meet the communication challenges of this time:


Consider livestreaming your news or announcement from your corporate office or other venues. In one fell swoop, you have the ability to promote your message to both the media and consumers directly via social and digital channels.

Livestreaming and teleconferencing are also excellent methods for reaching your internal public. Employees and other stakeholders in your organization, who may be working from home over the next several weeks, are just as essential to maintain communication with during this period of unease.

Your organization can still maintain a presence without being (physically) present.

Earned Media

  • Satellite Media Tours: Many TV stations are canceling in-person interviews at their studios and are asking us to provide them relevant subject matter experts via satellite media tours.
  • Radio Media Tours: We can conduct your RMT via teleconference. Your spokesperson can reach an enormous audience without ever leaving their home.

Paid Media

  • In-Show News Placements: These short news stories air within news and consumer lifestyle television programs.
  • Audio News Releases: We can record your spokesperson’s soundbites over the phone and distribute a 60-second news story to radio stations across the country via CBS Radio Network, ABC Radio Network, Sirius XM Satellite Radio and other networks.
  • Podcast Partnerships: Collaborate with select podcasts to deliver your message to a niche yet highly engaged audience.
  • Sponsored articles and Mat Releases: Collaborate with a popular outlet to publish a sponsored but informative article on their website, or distribute your video or article through editorially driven websites across the country.

Online/Social Media Content Distribution

  • Native Advertising: Use content recommendations and native ads to drive target audiences to your online content.
  • Paid Social/Social Media Influencers: Speak to your target audience directly by reaching them on the social channels they frequent.


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