The Five Things Clients Love About a Satellite Media Tour

It’s Valentine’s Season, and people across the country are celebrating their unrequited love for one another in the most meaningful ways possible, namely through gratuitous Instagram posts and last-minute flower purchases. The important stuff.

And as I was painstakingly selecting the most perfect series of Instagram images earlier this morning, something shocking occurred to me: there’s a real parallel between Valentine’s Day and the fast-moving world of Broadcast PR.

Not the segue you were expecting? Then follow along anyway, for a look at the five things we love about the Satellite Media Tour.

1. Like Love, SMT’s are Activations With Staying Power

Satellite Media Tours have true staying power, and when a client has paid for a service, they’re often comforted by the fact that they’re getting a product with a mass of potential. A well-executed SMT lives beyond the 3-hour window in which it was shot, leveraging those 22 cross-country interviews in novel ways. Pair a great interview with written content, and migrate it to your blog. Amplify your favorite interview, and share your messaging with more targeted publics. Turn the best hit into social media collateral to live indefinitely online. When you book an SMT with 4media, you’re getting value beyond a single day.

2, As with Romance, Efficiency Matters

Satellite Media Tours are beloved for their efficiency. Over the course of one morning, in a period of hours, 4media group delivers our clients 20 to 30 standalone interviews to stations across the country. What’s not to love about that?

3. True Love: A Partnership

Love that stands the test of time is often forged in fire—the result of early mornings, sick kids, and an ultimate example of a true partnership. At 4media group, we use each SMT as an opportunity to proctor a partnership with our clients. We get up early, and our clients trust us with the little things. Whether it’s catering, getting the makeup person, or even acting as the personal stylist when your talent arrives without a good tie, we’ve been there.

4. Love that Lasts Also Evolves

We have several clients who run multiple SMT’s throughout the course of the year and even run successful tours under the same theme annually. Something those clients love about working with 4media on an SMT is the opportunity for evolution. All great love must evolve, and so must all great SMT’s, eventually. The addition of a new or different spokesperson gives tours a new feel. And because so many of our media tours are backed by unique PR surveys from our in-house research division, we’re able to evolve messaging points through the creation of new data, which is interesting every year. The opportunities for evolution are never-ending.

5. When All Doesn’t Go According to Plan, We’re Still Here For You

Look, there’s no denying that eventually, something in your tour won’t go perfectly. But when that happens, our team of media relations professionals get to work, restructuring your tour grid, and ensuring you get the placement you’ve asked for. And if earned media just won’t bite, we can offer a guaranteed media placement—meaning we’ve got your back, no matter what goes down.

Our clients love Satellite Media Tours because they see the value in the activation. As in real love, there’s room for evolution, growth, lasting meaning, and the formation of a partnership.

To all of you, a Happy Valentine’s Season from all of us.

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