4 Considerations When Quickly Executing a Satellite Media Tour in a Crisis

Under normal circumstances, our clients come to us weeks, or sometimes months, in advance of a satellite media tour. On other occasions, we have clients approach us less than a week before their targeted date of a tour. While this scenario isn’t ideal, it’s very doable. Here is how to execute an SMT with a short turnaround time.


The first step is determining the actual date and where this tour is going to take place. You’d think this is an obvious place to start, but we often get multiple date possibilities for tours. It’s crucial that we establish the official date ASAP. This allows our team to get started on the logistical consideration that go with a tour—including the location. With such a fast turnaround, sometimes studios are unavailable to us. You have to be prepared for that possibility. If that is the case, 4media group has the resources to arrange a remote setup in almost ANY location. That’s right, we can set up at your office, your home or outside.


Once we have determined when and where the tour is happening, 4media group mobilizes to take care of the necessary logistics. With our team and its resources, we can handle your needs anywhere across the country. From a studio in downtown New York City to a live expo in Dallas or a remote location in rural Montana, we have the tools to accomplish an SMT from any location. With access to equipment such as LiveU, small enough to fit in your backpack, gone are the days of limiting your location, which can be a crucial component to your messaging. Not only do we provide state-of-the-art technical equipment, 4media group is comprised of individuals with diverse, unique talents and backgrounds that can help suit your needs – not only do you have a last-minute SMT, but now you wish to have both English and Spanish-speaking talent? Not a problem. We have seasoned experts in project managing and producing satellite media tours for both English and Spanish-speaking markets. We will take all your needs into consideration to ensure the success of your tour.


Now that we know the when, where and how, we need to know the WHAT. What is the tour about, and is it newsworthy? When there is a short time to book interviews, the content MUST be compelling enough to draw in a large number of interviews within a short amount of time. Do you have B-roll prepared already, or do you need B-roll produced? Who is the talent that will share your messaging? Do you have research to back up facts? Is it time-sensitive and applicable to current events? If you’re struggling to find a way to make your topic newsworthy, we can help. Consider the four T’s for your tour to set it apart and make it newsworthy.



Gasp! Don’t you mean speed up? NO. SLOW DOWN. The pressure is on when it comes to a quick turnaround like this. When that happens, it’s easy to speed up in an attempt to get everything done on time. That’s when mistakes are made. We will take the time to double… no—triple check that everything you need is correct and in the best form that it can possibly be. We understand that time is of the essence, and efficiency is key.

4media group is ready to assist with your next satellite media tour, whether it takes place in the distant future or in a week’s time. Contact us for the expertise to take your messaging to the next level.