Five Common Questions About Co-Op SMTs

We field many questions at 4media group, primarily because our offerings are so diverse. But one of the things we’re most often asked about is the Co-Op Satellite Media Tour. Clients see it on the website, and they like it – because it sounds great on paper. And in contrast to many of the things on the ‘great on paper’ list, this one stays great in practice.

Here are some of the most common questions we get about Co-Ops, answers included.

1. So I think I understand this correctly, but just to make sure, what exactly is a Co-Op SMT?

Fair question. Co-Op, as used here, stands for ‘cooperative,’ and places several relevant brands together in one Satellite Media Tour (SMT) – which allows 4media group to create a strong, organic pitch and storyline for several brands at a fraction of the cost of a traditional media tour. By cooperating, several great brands can tell a more ‘rounded’ story, increasing the potential for pickup and saving money.

2. What’s the deadline to join a Co-Op?

We get this question quite often because some brands worry about being the first to sign on, or alternatively, want to wait and see what other brands may sign up. But the reality is that earlier is better, because many of our Co-Op spots go quickly, and we urge brands to secure their product category quickly. Remember, we only pair non-competing, complementary brands.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Co-Ops, in case you’re thinking something like “well I had better sign up,” you can reference our Co-Op Calendar.

And if you or your client are last-minute decision-makers, that can be okay too. Even in the eleventh hour, 4media group has the experience and resources to fit in last-minute clients seamlessly.

3. How do you guarantee the interviews and impressions?

We guarantee interviews and impressions because we know that the stories we put together and the talent we hire have media appeal.  We can also make use of paid, syndicated television and radio.

4. Is there a digital component?

Yes. The fact is people live online and if you want to reach those people, then your content needs to live there too.  Video content created during the Co-Op SMT is posted on over 800 top digital media sites. Though that posting is valuable in its own right, clients can use those posts to amplify further, driving additional impressions to their messaging.

5. What happens if the Co-Op falls through because you can’t secure enough partners?

The Guaranteed Media Tactic (GMT) secures online and broadcast coverage across national and local media outlets. Paid placements are 60-second informational packages scripted with brand messaging and brought to life with b-roll. The GMT is a great option in the rare event of a Co-Op falling through because it gives the client complete control over the content, which is clearly branded for the viewer.

In the final assessment, if you’re looking for a media tactic to save costs and drive an organic story with other complementary brands, the Co-Op SMT is for you. Our Co-Op team is comprised of seasoned pros, who would love to help you out. And don’t forget to reach out!