Four Bentonville Focus Group Tips

Focus groups prove continuous efficacy when it comes to learning valuable consumer insights for our clients. In conducting a series of immersive, in-depth interviews meaningful data can be uncovered.

Those that know of or reside in Northwest Arkansas realize that it is a special place, different than outsiders believe it to be. It holds a specific audience and demographic, interested in the greater good of their community. NWA residents are active and enjoy being involved with local changes and happenings. After conducting focus group in Bentonville, we’ve put together four tips useful in getting our focus groups off the ground:

  1. Identify goals: Create the questionnaire journey. What do you want to uncover? What type of questions will you ask?
  1. Recruit participants: Do you know your consumer? Has this even been strategically analyzed? You want to make sure you hone in on the correct demographic to gain the quality insights focus groups can provide. A quick survey can uncover quantitative data on your product/service/industry company before jumping into deep qualitative processes. It is also important to establish the correct incentive for the audience. When recruiting focus group participants, screen them extensively beforehand to ensure their input is relevant to the subject at hand.
  2. Find the space you need: some focus groups require video-audio recording facilities as well as a two-way mirror room where the client observes in confidence. How long do you plan to conduct conversations? If your audience is engaged and interested in the subject, plan for the time to extend. Can’t miss out on valuable insight. So, you want people to be comfortable. Provide comfortable seating and refreshments. Also, make sure the location is accessible and easy to navigate for participants.
  1. Utilize an experienced moderator- Not everyone was born to be a moderator. It truly does take a special person to fill this role successfully. It’s really important to use someone that knows the dynamic of focus groups and can overcome the usual issues- participants being over-active, others under-active, conversation timing etc. The moderator needs to be able to bond with participants and shouldn’t be judgmental to anything a participant may share. They must be able to create comfortability in a crowd. They also should be versed in determining and recording non-verbal cues that can’t be audio recorded (if video recording is not available).

Are you looking to get beneath the surface of your consumer’s thoughts? A focus group could be just the tactic for you! We can help!

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