Mastering the Art of Brand Mentions in Media Tours

Working both in the newsroom and the Broadcast PR world for the last 11 years, I have concluded that it’s not WHAT you say, but HOW you say it, that really matters.  As Broadcast PR experts, we are tasked to book earned media. It is not often easy especially when you have branded media tours.  You must make sure your spokesperson can deliver a solid soundbite that does not come across commercial.

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I advise the spokesperson and clients to bridge their branded dialect with the word “LIKE,” when mentioning a product. Structuring mentions this way could be all the difference between an interview airing or not. What do I mean? During the interview, when referring to the product, the spokesperson can present a broader answer and mention various available options before mentioning the product. Then, follow with suggestion of the product, using the word “LIKE.” In this case, outlets are more prone to accept as you use an example instead of making the product FRONT AND CENTER.

Here is an example:
“That’s a great question John. Right now, there are various treatments available, so it’s important that you speak to your Doctor about what is best for you. For example, a product “LIKE” (PRODUCT MENTION HERE) treats this condition……” 

When booking an earned media tour, 4Media Group is transparent with stations and advises them of the product mention in both the alert and when pitching. Because of the strong producer relationships we have built over the years, they trust that we will deliver an interview that does not come across as a commercial.   Do you want a commercial or a paid placement? Easy. We can do that too. If you want EARNED media, it’s up to the whole team to make sure we deliver content stations can use. We want to avoid any excuses to not air the interview.

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