4media Group | Connecting the Dots


Foundation building: Market Research to create relevance and the headline


Idea Generation to find what resonates with the target audience 


Creating content that engages, educates and entertains the target audience


Communicating key messages on budget with the best media tactics  (SMTs, RMTs, etc.)

Ideas that Inspire | Specialists who Deliver

4media Group is a strategic, full-service market research and communications group offering specialist expertise within a united collective: 

  • Broadcast & digital PR delivered by 4mediarelations
  • Insight and market research delivered by Intrinsic Insight and Atomik Research
4media Group | Connecting the Dots

Intrinsic Insight combines in-depth qualitative research, social media analytics and ‘moment of truth’-based research tools to deliver the kind of insight that will assist in shedding new light on your customers’ experiences. 

Doubling up on this multiple lens approach with some journalistic flair and story-telling, Intrinsic creates much more desirable products that engage customers more effectively and generate stronger dialogue and communication.


Atomik Research is a creative market research agency delivering insightful quantitative research results that will get people talking.

Our strong PR and media background enables us to script the most resourceful PR survey questions which get the best results and provide vital news links for strong editorial features. We know what creative angles work for the media and understand what makes journalists tick.


4mediarelations consists of broadcast & digital PR specialists who offer everything you need to deliver the most effective, innovative and influential media campaigns.

Whether you are interested in TV, radio or online coverage, we will provide you with a targeted PR plan that will connect your brand with your key target audience via various tactics including satellite media tours, radio media tours,  digital video seeding, PSAs and more.

4media Group Mission:

It’s a fast changing world and big strategies get torn up overnight as markets develop. Planning is quarterly, not annually. It means brands need to have partners who can respond quickly to their needs with a wide range of firepower – a suite of specialist services. 

The need for agility is paramount, and the ability to provide a changing team of specialists for different projects, all under a consistent narrative umbrella, is the new way of working. That’s the way 4media Group works. We have a can-do attitude, with the ability to develop the big ideas and manage complexity, but also the team to move quickly to deliver real world outcomes.