Why Adding Native Ads and Content Recommendation to Your SMT is a Must

At 4media group, we’re coming to believe that it’s a mistake to let any single broadcast public relations tactic exist in a vacuum. Options for expanding great coverage are everywhere, and getting the most out of any tactic comes down to planning for its future.

The satellite media tour is a great example of how content recommendation and native advertising can come into play to meaningfully extend coverage. In fact, it’s not just a good idea anymore – to keep up with the competition, it’s becoming a ‘must do.’

We’ve offered ideas before on how to extend content captured during an SMT, but this piece will take a deeper dive into the value behind native ads and content recommendation specifically, establishing ways these particular tactics offer special value.

Increase Your Reach – Big Time

Native advertising is one great way to increase content reach. A good interview or an online article that appears on a television station’s website can be turned into a native ad. It can be targeted to top markets a client said were important to them, or it can be  used as a method of driving impression numbers and click-throughs to another landing page – however you choose to use it, one thing is sure – your content will reach more people.

Hone In on an Audience

Specialized content recommendations can be used to hone in on hyper-specific audiences in a meaningful way. If you’re doing a satellite media tour on some specific topic, whether it’s financial readiness or a great research result on new mothers, marketers should keep the value of content recommendation in mind. With all the targeting options available across digital media, whether a native ad software or a social platform, it’s fairly easy to put together a demographic profile.

Specialized content recommendations are one of the top ways to ‘wow’ a client, and they come as the logical other side to a native ad campaign aiming for massive reach. While one offers a great opportunity for a wide message, the creation of a specialized profile to reach a targeted group can give SMT hits new life – talking directly to the people your tactic was always meant to reach.

Expand on Your Brand

Clients occasionally lament the lack of direct brand storytelling in Satellite Media Tours. This is, of course, one of the tactic’s greatest strengths – when done correctly, they seem like organic news coverage. But for clients who wish to tell more of their brand story, 4media group always turns to native advertisement or content recommendations.

Both native advertising and content recommendation campaigns can be utilized to drive audiences back to a client’s landing page, or even a specific blog or feature article of their choice. This way, the SMT content can entice clicks, which can lead to greater brand awareness overall. It’s a win-win.

In our final assessment, new-age broadcast public relations tactics have to utilize every option available to expand great coverage. If you want help putting together a plan to amplify your last SMT, or would like to talk more about how to bring a full-fledged broadcast PR plan into the light of day, just reach out.