Public Service Announcements

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are a great way for non-profits to generate awareness for a certain cause or social issue. Our team of broadcast specialists will help you craft the perfect message whether it’s for TV or Radio.

A few things to consider when you’re planning a PSA:

  • Be Concise. More than one idea will confuse your audience so it’s best to keep it simple, direct and to the point.
  • Research. Statistics and references will help you to be convincing and accurate.
  • Know your Audience. Make sure you are focusing your copy and images on their preferences and needs which will inspire a clear call to action.
  • Get their Attention. You want to make an impact and touch their emotions, but be careful not to inject fear.  Using humor, sweetness and a surprise element works best.
  • Celebrity Spokesperson. When possible, choosing a well-known spokesperson to be the face and voice of your cause is the preferred option as long as they have a connection to your campaign.  Otherwise, a voice-over actor will work fine.

Getting your public service announcement on the air has become challenging over the years with the increasing amount of PSAs being produced and PSA Directors being tasked with multiple duties at their station.  Here at 4media group, we understand it takes more than a perfectly produced PSA to get your message heard.  That’s why our team of media experts will work with you to create the perfect distribution package based on your unique PSA, and the needs and preferences of PSA Directors nationwide.  Because every PSA is different, we create a targeted distribution plan to ensure we reach your intended audience with the most current technology and well as traditional outreach.

Whether it’s for TV or Radio, we use a combination of earned media, guaranteed networks and digital distribution options including social media, Facebook, twitter, news websites among others.

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